Marinated Artichokes at Gjelina

Had the best meal at Gjelina the other day (check out my last favorite meal there). We got a spot on the patio for lunch (my second lunch of the day to be exact) so Em and I shared a couple of dishes. The oysters were good, the beet and avocado salad was good too. But the Marinated Artichokes with Burratta and Crunchy Shallots took first place. Hop over here to hear me take a stab at how to make it yourself.

I love the design aesthetic of Gjelina though it’s way too noisy when it’s packed. Always try to get a table outside (tip: go early).

Here’s info on Gjelina in Venice.

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  1. i've only been there for brunch and while the pancakes were heavenly, i need to get back for dinner soon! thanks for the reminder ;)

  2. [...] store near Laurel Canyon, it was designed by Sam Marshall who also had a hand in the look of Gjelina and also this house I shot for the new york times. Lots of different materials were used and I love [...]

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