June 22nd, 2012

Looking forward to road trips, leisurely walks, catching up on the blog, shooting more impossible project, sleeping, growing things and instagraming (I’m @ljoliet).

I’m way behind on updating here, but all for very good reasons. I’m still planning to share images from New York + Yosemite + Chicago (jeez and Paris pics from last Fall and San Francisco from earlier this year, yikes!) and want to share some of the awesome clients I’ve been working with and the fact that I’ve been rearranging my apartment. Things have been shifting (for a while now) and in the best possible ways. I want to share all of that, but for the moment, it will all have to wait.

In the meantime, some of my favorite trips taken in the last year ish: berlin, london, petrolia, todos santos (and the house), my beautiful and ever changing neighborhood, joshua tree, alt summit, alaska, one of my favorite drives.

Inspired, as always, by kate, morgan, jessica, jon and tracy.

Still trying to remember this sentiment from the start of the year as we move into a new season.

Happy weekend + happy summer.

braid tutorial #2: kate’s side bun braid

June 13th, 2012

If you follow my instagram, you’re aware that my friend Ali is a master at braiding my hair (follow her twitter/instagram). And if you follow Kate Miss, you know that she, too, is a master braider (and really good at doing braids on herself). I can’t braid to save my life, but I have thick hair so…I’m a good hair model?

The point is that Kate, Ali and I recently got together to photograph our favorite braids so we could post tutorials — three different braids, three girls, three kinds of hair. The first tutorial for The Ali Special is up on Kate’s blog and it’s the one you most often see me sporting on instagram. Today we’re featuring Kate’s simple side bun braid — a braid you could more easily do on yourself.

A quick note that these tutorials aren’t going to teach you how to French braid hair (here is an incredible thorough tutorial that you can use to practice on friends and your own hair) but are ideas for how to apply braiding to some of our favorite looks.

Side Bun Braid

Recommended supplies:
A wide tooth comb
Clear elastic bands, like this (
Bobby pins – if you can get them, these Japanese pins ( the best, you can also get them in Japanese beauty supply stores

Tips: Dirty hair is better for braids! Greasy? No problem, it will hold better.

Brush your hair out and grab a small section of hair behind your ear to start with. The braid shown in the photos is an inside out French braid, or Dutch braid – which means instead of grabbing more hair and putting it into the middle braid, you grab more hair and pull it under. Kate finds this braid much more easy to do on myself do to the position of my hands behind my head. But this braid can also be done as a regular French braid. You want to braid the back of your hair straight across until you hit your ear, then tie it off with an elastic band. Wrap the rest of your hair into a loose bun and pin in place. If you have really long hair you could tie the rest of the hair into a bun with an elastic band and then pin the sides of the bun down. The bun looks better messy and loose. Alternately you could braid the rest of your hair all the way down and rock a side braid, but this is better with longer hair!

Kate is inspiring me to shoot film again (more soon!) so that second to last shot was taken with her Mamiya 645, the rest are my normal 5D Mark II.

Kate’s Lipstick is Nars in Heatwave and the necklace is one of her own creations.

Stay tuned for Ali’s braid on friday!

summertime + diamond jubilee

June 6th, 2012

Beautiful and fun start to summer at Tracy’s house this past weekend celebrating the diamond jubilee. I want to spend all of summer lounging on her patio, taking in the views and hanging out with simba. (Also, have you seen her pots and the pendants she started making?). Special awesome outfit appearance complete with neon nails from beautiful Alicia, see the closet visit shot by Jeana Sohn.

I’m heading to Chicago for the weekend for a quick and fun visit–never been before, excited to see what I come across.

downtown los angeles

June 1st, 2012

Spent a lot of time downtown this week and had this lovely view of the Eastern Columbia building. Downtown is changing and it’s wonderful. Happy weekend all, hope you have some spectacular views.


May 29th, 2012

Little excerpt from a shoot over the weekend. Los Angeles is in bloom and it is wonderful. Not too hot yet, a cool breeze, jean shorts, hot sidewalks, iced coffee,3 day weekends, bougainvillea.

things to watch on netflix instant

May 26th, 2012

It’s been a long week and a long time since I did any kind of round up. I don’t know what I ever did before netflix and hulu, but I end most days in bed with my ipad streaming something. I need to do that to wind down and fall asleep. A lot of times it’s a terrible tv show, but sometimes I motivate myself to watch something important or cultural. So I thought for the long weekend I would share some of the less embarrassing films I’ve really enjoyed recently, all ready to stream. It’s like I’m doing the work for you:

L’Amour Fou: a documentary about, more or less, the relationship between Yves St. Laurent and Pierre Berge, the life they built together and the dissolution and auction of the estate when YSL died. It’s slow and incredibly moving with beautiful shots of their homes in Paris and Morocco and their extensive art collection. The narration and the stories about YSL’s career and personal life are captivating. The still above is from the movie, and is admittedly a little nod to my family.

Visual Acoustics: The Modernism of Julius Shulman: Any fan of architectural photography, los angeles or modernism will get a lot of out this doc. It tracks Julius’ career and his start with Neutra. There are great interviews with him and lts of footage of him actually shooting and explaining why he’s shooting what he’s shooting. I met him once, on his 98th birthday, and I was speechless. He is a hero of mine.

Tiny Furniture: A film by Lena Dunham of Girls fame. She wrote/directed/starred in this and I can’t say enough good things about it. It’s thoughtful and awkward and painful and hilarious. She’s not afraid to be ugly, to be vulnerable, or to be strong. I really appreciate it.

Bill Cunningham: Most everyone has seen this by now, but if you’ve been putting it off, it’s great and light and happy with some very poignantly sad moments thrown in for good measure. I definitely teared up.

The Gleaners and I: I first saw this film in an art house theatre in Seattle when I was visiting a friend on bainbridge island right after college (I drove to Seattle from LA and back, one of the best experiences ever). Agnes Varda became my hero. The film is partially autobiographical and partially about the idea of collecting, scavenging as it relates to the food left over at the marché and to the making of artwork. It’s very meta about the creative process and the process of a life well lived. Some of it is kind of weird, but it’s poetic and thoughtful and very very french.

Wet Hot American Summer: I’m not even going to describe this. If you’ve seen it, you understand the genius. If you haven’t seen it, watch it this weekend.

Also, in case you hadn’t heard, Drive is available to stream now. And I still need to see Eames: The Architect and The Painter and Manufactured Landscapes.

What should I add to my queue?

[image: still frame from L'Amour Fou]


May 23rd, 2012

Met with new clients in atwater last week and sneaked this photo of their workshop. Cannot wait to spend the whole day in here shooting. Look at that light and all those amazing textures. Swoon.

If you follow me on instagram, you may have seen this photo of their equally amazing dog:

(If you want to follow me on instagram, I’m ljoliet).

House of Honey for Rue Magazine

May 18th, 2012

I got to shoot with the lovely Tamara Honey of House of Honey for the May issue of Rue. Spectacular house full of contrast and color and unexpected elements. Fun to play with the grand scale of the space, too. See the whole thing starting on page 68 of Rue.

You can also see one of my favorite spaces of all time that I got to shoot for Rue of wedding planner extradordinaires: Bash, Please.

zoe bios creative

May 16th, 2012

One of the places I got to shoot for the Big Jambox was the Zoe Bios Creative Studio in Silver Lake. I met founders Caitlin and Minh recently when I shot some of their projects in San Francisco. And when I showed up for our initial meeting at their studio my moth dropped open. The space was sophisticated and fun all at once–painted white floors, overflowing plants, old and modern nestled together perfectly.

It’s not easy to describe exactly what Caitlin and Minh have created as Zoe Bios (Minh Nguyen holds a degree in Chemistry and is the former Managing Director of Natural Curiosities and Caitlin Dinkins has her MFA in Painting and is the former Illustrator and Creative Director for Stila Cosmetics): one foot is in the art world, one in interior design, they’re not quite a design collective… they call it ‘ArtEntouré’– a full circle cross-pollination of the art world with the design world.

“We focus on the visual organization of new forms—chance arrangements and purposeful compositions. We want to inspire unconventional thinking, and creative design solutions while maintaining a mindful attention to beauty and contentment in every object that we offer…we are artists, curators, and collaborators.”

Find Zoe Bios Creative on twitter and on their website.

big jambox

May 9th, 2012

I hinted at it before, but I’ve been working on a big campaign to help launch Jawbone’s latest wireless and all around awesome speaker, The Big Jambox. It was designed by Yves Behar to be the big brother to the ultra portable original jambox. And having spent the week with the big version, I can tell you the sound is amazing and really good for larger spaces and outside (parties! picnics! I’m not being paid to say this!).

I got to work with a great ad agency based out of San Francisco and, together, we created a series of images of the big jambox in some seriously great interiors. It was all very exciting, I had to sign an nda since it hadn’t come out yet and we had to be very hush hush about the product. I’m lucky to have a network of people with great homes that I could call upon at the last minute (like Tracy and Gregory and Simon and Laura and Elsie and Abby and Erin and Jerome–thanks to all of you!).

It was also a great chance for Morgan and I to do more work together–she handled the props and styling of a ton of different interiors and probably made 4 million decisions every day. And though I almost completely wore her and Heather out–we shot 3 locations a day for 4 days in a row–I thought everyone did a fantastic job and couldn’t be happier. You can see all the images for the Big Jambox on pinterest.

Obviously no shoot would be complete without a cameo appearance by Hazel. Check out all the images on pinterest.